ERP Management Systems

ERP custom development system adjusting it to the different processes of your company, in a way that technology adapts to you and not you to technology.

Activities Integration

Collecting, processing and showing valuable data in one place.

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Custom Software

We plan, develop and iterate to create a product that exceeds the expectations of our client.

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Reportes y Métricas

"You can not improve what can not be measured", Our developments can measure different types of KPIs depending on the goals you want to reach

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Aplicaciones Sistemas de Gestión

The management systems that Oixxio Technologies carries out are custom software made depending on request of the client. We seek to form a team and a relationship with the customer to reach the most efficient solution, using the concept of saas: Software As A Service, where the system is no longer thought of as a product, but as a service.

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Management System

A georeferenced information system that makes possible the organization, storage and analysis of large quantities of data, linked to a spatial reference. It facilitates the addition of socio-cultural, economic and environmental aspects that lead to a more effective decision-making process.

desarrollo de software sistema de gestion
Management System

Production management system , raw material, stock, quality and management of the country for construction company of beams and tiles

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Virtual Reality
Sistema de Gestión

A simulator immersed in a 3D virtual environment for security and hygiene training. It is formed by a platform where the user faces different event simulations and has to solve them in a practical manner in the virtual environment.


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