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We offer development of minimum viable products (MVP) with advice in different frameworks and technologies. From mobile applications to complex backends.

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The technological advances are vertiginous for the companies, that's why we develop a service of custom software, adapted to the needs of each client.

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Great ideas sometimes fade away due to lack of determination to make them come true. Ideas alone do not succeed without the synergy and resources necessary to carry them out. That is why we offer the assistance required to carry out technology-based projects. (Business model, development, consulting, etc)

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We offer a technology consulting service based on the strong connection between research and development that we implement in our processes. Collaborating with companies and educational institutions to offer quality services that meet the customer's challenges.

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"Technology will reinvent business, but human relations will remain the key to success "

Our creations

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GPS Economías Regionalesmore_vert

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Sistema de Gestión

A georeferenced information system that makes possible the organization, storage and analysis of large quantities of data, linked to a spatial reference. It facilitates the addition of socio-cultural, economic and environmental aspects that lead to a more effective decision-making process.

desarrollo de software tienda virtual tsm
The Store Managermore_vert

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Realidad Virtual
Sistema de Gestión

The Store Manager is an e-learning platform (LMS and LCMS) with emphasis on retail, industrial and management sectors. This app allows not only its users training but also its tracking and evolution. In a virtual environment, TSM provides continuing education, professional development and specific event simulation. The platform consists of three phases which can be adapted to the specific needs of our clients: induction, assessment and metrics of performance.

desarrollo de app tienda virtual siat

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Sistema de Gestión

SIAT a comprehensive system of therapeutic adherence: Siat is an ecosystem of technologies related to the objective of improving the extent of therapeutic adherence of patients with chronic conditions. Through mobile apps, websites and call center, it provides support to patients in their treatments and facilitates drug traceability and refund documents. Moreover, the system increases the doctor-patient interaction in real time without having to wait until the next visit to the doctor's office.

desarrollo de software app sos bariloche
SOS Barilochemore_vert

Desarrollo de apps

SOS Barilocheclose

SOS BARILOCHE is a smartphone app made for Bariloche's town hall, which lets any region citizen send an inmediate alert, geolocalized, to Bariloche's Citizen Protection in case of an emergency.

desarrollo de software simuladores de capacitacion realidad virtual
Simuladores de Capacitaciónmore_vert

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Realidad Virtual
Sistema de Gestión

A simulator immersed in a 3D virtual environment for security and hygiene training. It is formed by a platform where the user faces different event simulations and has to solve them in a practical manner in the virtual environment.

Skills & Technologies

Nowadays, we have several programming languages ​​that allow us to develop different applications for each purpose. In Oixxio Technologies, we work with several of these languages, which allow us to develop a large number of applications regardless of the purpose. Our goal is to develop a consistent, secure and manageable software, which is why we try to grow up along with new tools or languages.

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Tools & Frameworks

We are in a modern world where new projects and tools are born day by day facilitating our tasks and saving our time. That's why we try to stay updated with all these frameworks and tools, allowing us to achieve our goals in the most efficient way.

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